Terms of Service (Conditions) Tattoo World

Tattoo and piercing

§ 1
contracting party:
Client for tattoos and piercings, or buyers of tattoo- or piercing items below between the customer and Tattoo World Studio, Inhaber Rui Lopes, based on the Ennet Mooser Street 8, in 6370 Stans

Making of tattoos and selling tattoo items in Tattoo World Studio.
Piercing piercings and sale of piercing jewelry.

Tattoo World Studio only serves customers, the the 18. have reached the age. Tattoo World Studio works NOT to customers who are under alcohol or drugs.
Tattoo World Studio also serves minors from 16. age, in the presence of a parent or guardian, and its written permission.
Before Tattoo- or piercing date is completed an informed consent, which is only possible in connection with the identity card or passport, also for minors only in the presence of a parent or guardian.

§ 2
The customer tattoos or piercings offered, created and attached. Services are in compliance with all known hygienic measures us (to avoid complications such as inflammation, etc.) mounted in use professional tools and techniques. Our materials are sterilized or disposable goods. Tattooing commercial BAG be (Federal Office of Public Health) approved Tattoo Ink, Disposable needles and a disposable sterilized handle used. The disinfection is carried out with listed and permitted disinfectants.
The piercing jewelry is exclusively nickel-free titanium or steel.

§ 3
Cost / Schedule:
The size, colour, possible changes and body site, at the tattoo is placed, decide the price of the tattoo.
The price includes Nachstechen. Nachstichtermine are within 3 perceiving months, otherwise it must be paid. (100.- )
For piercings prices vary depending on the location of the attachment.
For the appointment of tattoos, we require a deposit of at least. 50.-(with large motifs 150.-), what the price will be credited for the tattoo.
Dates are up 3 Working days to cancel in advance or postpone, failure to comply with the deadline, the deposit will be retained as compensation.

Dates for counseling or care of tattoos and piercings are free.
For an appointment by e-mail, are payments made by bank transfer to a postal account.

We only accept cash, in full after completion of the power. For older ones motives, being stabbed in several meetings, the costs are distributed to the individual sessions. For new customers, which are for the first time with us, is asked, to pay the session before the start. For subjects with multiple sessions and partial payment, TWS determines the next scheduled meeting.
Piercing costs are to be paid directly after harvesting.

We reserve the right, verbally ordered tattoo designs / Renderings, signed for which no consent, and which are not stung with us, to invoice. Invoices are issued 7 Days after completion of the motive, if no further contact (Appointment) took place.

§ 4
Tattoo World Studio is not liable for damage to the customer or his body can a piercing arise after the Tätowiervorgang or stinging; such as. allergies, Inflammation / disease of lack of personal hygiene, paralysis, Diseases of any kind.
Worn and used items are non-returnable (applies to Piercings).
Any violation of the physical integrity carries a risk to health. With the order, the customer agrees automatically in a personal injury and shall make himself responsible.
The risks of failure and inflammation keeps Tattoo World Studio to the best of its knowledge and belief as low as possible. The follow-up and care is the customer. Instructions and guidelines provides for Tattoo World Studio. Tattoo Studio World points out, that in complications and questions, immediately or the studio is to contact optionally to see a doctor. It is possible, that a tattoo or a piercing can cause health risks( For example,. Thrombosis, infectious inflammation, Lymphkoten swelling due to infection or inflammation, Bacteria can not fall through wounds in the bloodstream and thereby cause infections of the heart or brain inflammation).
Tattoo World Studio informed about the risks and side effects.
Next, the customer was informed, that tattooing or piercing is factually a personal injury. The customer agrees, specifically into this assault.

§ 5
safety / data protection
Secure transmission of data and optimal protection of customer privacy are important Tattoo World. To this end, Tattoo World the following measures has taken:
The data is stored at Tattoo World only so long, as appropriate in view of the contractual relationship. Tattoo World uses customers' personal data only for order processing. The e-mail address and the personal data of the customer will be kept confidential and not shared with third parties.

Tattoo World Studio can with the consent of the client pictures of the work, for advertising- and representation purposes to use.
The consent applies to all other tattoos and piercing's.

Tattoo World Studio is committed to, to sting no copies of the work, so the exclusivity is maintained of each Tattoos.

§ 6
The Conditions of Use are also, full access for home visits valid. The Terms apply in writing, and verbal.
Tattoo World Studio performs all services exclusively based on these reproduced on these pages general terms and conditions (Conditions). If the terms and conditions of Tattoo World Studio to change, as the new regulations are 21 Days of www.tattooworld.ch validly included after their publication on the pages in all subsequent transactions, unless, the customer agrees in writing within this period its reasoned objection to about Tattoo World Studio.

§ 7
If any provision of the contract null and void, ineffective or contestable or, the other provisions shall remain unaffected and are then interpreted or. to complete, is that the intended purpose in a legally permissible manner as closely as possible achieved. Jurisdiction is the District Court Nidwalden

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