Most frequent questions and answers FAQs

When tattoo You have to pay attention on it, that you are looking for a studio, where not worked at ground.
The tattoo artist should you always with words and deeds.

The design you should consider you good.
Do not just start running out, just because your friend or your girlfriend is tattooed.
The Motivauwahl should be executed intent. You shall consider, that you have the tattoo even in old age.
The subject should not be too small. Many people think, they would rather start small, but this is the biggest mistake.
The skin changes over the years and the small motifs then see possibly. not so good.
Then it starts, that übertätowieren the subject or leave it did remove wants.
This is again a cost.

The place where you tattoo you can not really matter.
It goes everywhere!
You should consider you well, because the profession plays an important role and tattoos are not yet widely welcome.
The question, where it does the least hurt, you should not put you and influence you let them.
Let your tattoo go there make, where you would have liked it down. The joy after that outweighs the pain before.
And… so hot it also does not hurt !

Healing is not a problem and is very fast.
See care instructions for Tattoos.

You cant say it like that, because everyone is sensitive to pain in his way and reacts to certain parts of the body always different.
It also depends on the day Constitution.
Do you stand strong under stress or have you previously been made you crazy?
It also depends on the body part. On the rump, chest, Stomach or on the ankle already some have said, it does not hurt, others said, the pain level is very high. not let yourself get out of the rest
from people, who feel the need to tell you horror stories! It is not so bad.

Larger tattoos do you do in a number of meetings. The Tättowierer operates approximately in the highest case. 3 – 4 Hours at a tattoo session.
The individual sessions should 10- 14 days apart.

And, You can bring all kinds of motives.
but it can also be, that you have to carry out some amendments.

Depending on location, Size, different effort and tattoo artist! You will hardly 2 For tattoo, that sting you the same subject for the same price!
However, you should not commit to price your decision!
Much more important is cleanliness and skills of your tattooist! What good is a cheap tattoo if it is bad razor and / or to remember a disease
or inflammation have brought!

Of course, we also give out vouchers. But they will not be paid in cash.
You can use them but also against a tattoo trade in or transfer to another person.

There must be a deposit of 50 SFr (with large motifs 150 SFr) be made. Some people believe, they can make an appointment and did not have to appear.
It is after all reserved time. If one now have made no deposit, for the time is reserved and he just does not seem, I lose out. I would have to hire. can still take an appointment in addition purely on the same day, if I had known beforehand, that the customer does not appear.
but now the customer 50 SFr paid down, he lies down, whether he would rather go for a swim and the 50 SFr throws into the wind or whether rather appears to date.
In a no-show on the date the deposit will be forfeited.

and, the competent health department monitored at irregular intervals, the hygiene of the studio.

When creating tattoos on moles and birthmarks special care.
Basically, you should always keep in mind, that behind a mole / mole skin cancer (melanoma) can put, which should be recognized at an early stage as possible. Because they can change over time, should the monitoring be done by a doctor regularly. However, this is only possible, if not übertätowiert.
In addition, you must also reckon with, it comes through the tattooing on violation of birthmark, which can have a negative impact on the spread of melanoma (degeneration).
therefore, when planning a tattoo in a range, in which a mole / birthmark is located, you have the following options:

a: knockout
It is tattooed to the birthmark and there is a distance of 1-2 mm left so that the growth can be controlled by a doctor at any time.

b: clever motif
You select a subject, in which the mole does not bother, d.h. is outside of the subject or. is sent to the subject / unremarkable.

c: Removing the liver spot
Removing a liver spot by a physician is not normally a problem. After the site is completely healed (best be checked by a doctor before), can be safely übertätowiert.

Liver spots should be regularly checked by a doctor, so you that on this occasion the doctor also may respond to the desire of tattoos and consider his expert opinion should


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