How it works

collect points:

First log in to the account: 100 Points

For every franc paid for a tattoo: 1 Point

Every recommendation on social media with the link: 50 Points (Limited)

  • Registration is only for Tattoo World customers.
  • With full marks (2500 Points) you will receive a tattoo voucher from Tattoo World worth 150.- CHF.
  • The stamps from our APP are transferred and converted into points. 1 Stamp corresponds 167 Points
  • Voucher will not be paid out in cash.
  • Tattoo voucher is transferable.
  • Validity resp. Points cannot be granted retrospectively.
  • The points can be transferred to another registered member and are only valid in connection with the Tattoo World membership. (The points are excluded, which will be received upon registration).
  • Credit cannot be accumulated with other discount offers.
  • In the case of software problems or other complications, we accept no liability for the points.


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